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Pink Lamb Production (My media company)

I am a ocean artist.  Over the past few years my art business has grown as I have been shown in galleries, art shows and expos as well as beach stores.  My work is shows the compliments of coastal living and the carefree lifestyle of surfing, sailing, the beach.  I have had successful art shows and my work is in stores and galleries thanks to your support!  I like to do work with passion that shows the beauty of the sport of surfing becoming one with nature.  I like to show how creative nature's beauty can be.  I was born and raised in southern California which I am constantly coming back to, and have a condo in Kauai.  I currently live in Alexandria, VA.  I run a traveling sailing business and I am an avid paddle boarder and surfer.  I surf the Potomac year round!  Mahalo and thank you for the support..  Enjoy life and take it easy, Lindsay xoxo

*** Giclee printing is meant to produce a product at a higher quality and with a longer lifespan, each is artist proofed when ordered.  It is also part of my process of creating by doing a print, paint, print.  

Bring my art into your home!

For high quality prints with my signature, click here

Buy immersive artwork that is animated and comes to life in your home!   This is great to keep on loop on the TV, TV picture frame, and digital picture frame.  Click the link below to learn more about it!

Showing at: 
Until March 3:  show at Frame of Mine - Reflections
Honorable Mention for Love Aloha
Also featured at: (Scroll Down Below)
Hill Center Gallery in Washington DC, VCA Alexandria VA, Fused Underground in Philadelphia, Ono Brewing in Chantilly VA, Jazzy Boy Art in Wrightsville NC

  • Now Showing at Hill Center Gallery in DC!
Featuring Tropical Paradise!

  • Recently Awarded: Honorable Mention for Tangerine show
Honorable Mention

Octopus is accepted to Tangerine Art Show and on WETA!

Magic at the Wedge is featured at the gallery at the La Jolla Art Association

Aloha is accepted to DRA art show
Out Searching #69 is accepted to VCA artshow

Paradise Found is accepted to DRA art show

Art in Philly!

Visit Lincoln Beer Company in Burbank as my art stays on there!

Love the support at Lincoln!  

Visit Ono in VA and my art will still be there!

Art Achievement Award
  • Jazzy Boy Art Gallery 32 N Lumina Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Howard Theater in Washington DC


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