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I am a ocean artist.  Over the past few years my art business has grown as I have been shown in galleries, art shows and expos as well as beach stores.  My work is shows the compliments of coastal living and the carefree lifestyle of surfing, sailing, the beach.  I have had successful art shows and my work is in stores and galleries thanks to your support!  I like to do work with passion that shows the beauty of the sport of surfing becoming one with nature.  I like to show how creative nature's beauty can be.  I was born and raised in southern California which I am constantly coming back to, and have a condo in Kauai.  I currently live in Alexandria, VA.  I run a traveling sailing business and I am an avid paddle boarder and surfer.  I surf the Potomac year round!  Mahalo and thank you for the support..  Enjoy life and take it easy, Lindsay xoxo


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