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Surf Art Jewelry and Personalized Jewels

Surf art jewels for a necklace or bracelet are $25, also personalized jewels are $28.   All surf art can be made into a jewel!  For a personalized jewel with your photo please e mail with a JPeg image.  Please pay through PayPal (try scrolling down to link) and: send money to , e mail me with which surf art design you would like or personalized jpeg and mailing address! Or fill in order form with product # below! All jewels come on a trendy ribbon band with an accent jewel! Some favorites... Tropical Colors #1001 Love San Clemente #1002  with leather bracelet $30 #1003 A Day in La Jolla #1004 $30 with leather bracelet #1005 Surf Feeling#1006 Hanging in Malibu#1007 Outrigger Waikiki #1008 Personalized Jewel ($28)... A great keepsake! #1009 Pendant Charm $40 #1010 Silver Charm $45 #1011 Jewelry surf art jewelry $25.00 USD personal jewel $28.00