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Immersive Artwork and Jewelry

You can purchase immersive artwork for your TV, TV picture frame or digital picture frame.   Let the animated art come to life with Electric Jellyfish    Click to buy:  Buy immersive artwork of Electric Jellyfish    Surf Art Jewels  Surf art jewels for a necklace or bracelet are $25, also personalized jewels are $28.   All surf art can be made into a jewel!  For a personalized jewel with your photo please e mail  with a JPeg image.   Please pay through PayPal (try scrolling down to link) and: send money to , e mail me with which surf art design you would like or personalized jpeg and mailing address! Or fill in order form with product # below! All jewels come on a trendy ribbon band with an accent jewel! Some favorites... Tropical Colors #1001 Love San Clemente #1002  with leather bracelet $30 #1003 A Day in La Jolla #1004 $30 with leather bracelet #1005 Surf Feeling#1006 Hanging in Malibu#1007